Carbomer alcohol gel

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Carbomer alcohol gel

NM-Carbomer is a cross-linked polyacrylic acid copolymer. It has long viscous flow property, imparts excellent thickening and suspending capability especially in surfactant systems and hydro-alcoholic system, forms sparkling clarity gels. This property makes the product uniquely suitable for sanitizing gels. Even at high concentration, NM-Carbomer maintains excellent clarity. Also, NM-Carbomer is easy to disperse due to its low dispersion viscosity before neutralization.

Features and Benefits. NM-Carbomer is polymerized in a blend of ethyl acetate and cyclohexane solvents and can be expected to deliver the same suspending and stabilizing characteristics of NM-Carbomer polymer.

It imparts excellent thickening and suspending capability especially in hydroalcoholic system, surfactant systems and forms sparkling clarity gels. Especially application in sanitizing gels. In addition, it has improved compatibility in thickening and imparting yield value to ionic surfactants.

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NM-Carbomer is a hydrophobically modified cross-linked acrylate copolymer. NM-Carbomer HC is a cross-linked polyacrylate polymer. HC means very High Clarity. It is used as a high-efficient rheology modifier, capable of providing high viscosity, excellent clarity. When neutralized by alkali it forms sparkling clear water or hydroalcoholic gels and creams.

Also, application in for sanitizing gels. NM—Carbomer 21 is a hydrophobically modified cross-linked acrylate copolymer, provides high viscosity with short flow properties. It delivers excellent thickening efficiency at a wide pH range which makes it a good choice for wide applications. It is ideally suited for use in formulations containing higher levels of oils, botanical ingredients, in formulations containing higher levels of oils, botanical ingredients, and and hydroalcoholic gel, antibacterial gel hand, hand gel sanitizer, sanitizer gel with alcohol.

Even at high concentration, NM-Carbomer21 maintains excellent clarity. NM-Carbomer polymer is a highly crosslinked polyacrylic acid polymer with short flow characteristics and relatively high viscosity performance.

It has good viscosity stability in the presence of chlorine bleach and has good efficacy in high pH systems. Often used in Automatic dish care, hard surface cleaners, home care cleaning systems, gelled fuels and other common industrial systems. Carbomer for hand gel sanitizer NM-Carbomer is a cross-linked polyacrylic acid copolymer. This property makes the product uniquely s uitable for sanitizing gels.

Recommended Applications l hydroalcoholic gel l antibacterial gel hand l hand gel sanitizer l sanitizer gel with alcohol l Shampoos and cleaning products l High electrolyte system Aloe gels, etc.

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Stability test will be finalized april ! Disclaimer While every effort has been made to reproduce these formulations correctly, the Publisher of this website cannot accept any liability for the information presented.Click here for part I. The fascinating fact about carbomer is its becoming gel only after neutralization. It means you can prepare a mucillage in advance and keep it if preserved even for weeks and then use it according to your requirements, adding all your ingredients and additives and neutralizing at the very last step.

Once you've learned how to prepare the mucillage and after you've prepared your first couple of batches it becomes as easy as dissolving sugar in water. It's a pitty if something goes wrong and you have to discard a ml batch.

carbomer alcohol gel

Once clumps are build, it is almost impossible to rescue the mucillage unless you have a very effective turbo mixer or ultrasound mixer. Even if you add additives later on fragrance oil, color, emollients the final preparation has a gel like consistency. Clumps are build as the outer surface becomes wet and swells while the inner part remains dry.

The thinner a film is, the easier it is that the whole volume gets wet and the less the chance of building clumps. The easiest way to prepare a mucillage is to disperse carbomer in alcohol ethanol or isopropyl alcohol both work. If your formulation contains alcohol or can tolerate alcohol, disperse the carbomer in alcohol first.

Alcoholic Hand Gel

For an example of dispersing carbomer in alcohol have a look at our tutorial " Happy Feet ". The best way to prepare Carbomer is applying a magnetic stirrer but don't be disappointed if you don't have any, you can still prepare the dispersion.

carbomer alcohol gel

Sprinkle carbomer over the surface of alcohol. Add your carbomer in small portions. Wait until the carbomer over the surface is wetted. You'll observe a change in the appearance.

The white powder becomes translucent as it wets. After the film is wet and became translucent turn the stirrer on for a short time or stir with hand for a few seconds.

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This moves the wet film from the surface to the bulk of the alcohol. Then stop stirring and add another portion. Continue this process until you've applied the whole carbomer. Then stir for another couple of minutes and make sure you have no clumps. At this stage and before adding water you've still a chance of breaking the clumps with a glass rod or spatula. After you're satisfied with the mixture add the required amount of water under stirring.

You'll still have a non-homogeneous and non transparent medium viscosity mixture. You can use this mucillage immediately or preserve and keep it in a closed bottle for later application. If you don't have any alcohol in your formulation, preparing mucillage is a little bit more tricky.Carbopol is available in several different grades, which are widely used in manufacture of cosmetics and toiletries, including gels, creams and lotions, detergents, and air fresheners.

Neutralizing agents include triethanolamine TEAsodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide. Manufacturing methods vary according to the type of product, but can be summarized as follows:.

Dispersion is completed in a fraction of the time taken by conventional means, avoiding the risk of overshearing the polymer. Operation is described below. In certain circumstances Silverson mixers can be used for the neutralization stage, depending on percentage and grade of Carbopol. The vessel is charged with appropriate base fluid.

The mixer is started, and the Carbopol is added. The high speed rotation of the single-piece Ultramix workhead creates a powerful vortex, drawing the powder and liquid down into the workhead where they are rapidly mixed. The materials are then forced through the slots in the side of the workhead and projected back into the body of the mix.

Any agglomerates are broken down as they pass through the slots. The vigorous movement in the vessel created by the Ultramix ensures that in a short mixing cycle all the material passes many times through the workhead, progressively reducing the particle size and exposing an increasing surface area to the surrounding liquid.

This rapidly completes hydration. The batch size, grade and percentage of Carbopol, and the product viscosity dependant on pH of solution before neutralization dictate which Silverson mixer is most suitable for individual process requirements. Have the latest how-to videos, application reports and more delivered straight to your inbox. The Problem Carbopol is generally supplied as a very light, low density powder.

It tends to float when added to water, requiring vigorous agitation to be incorporated. This can cause dusting problems. When added to the water, Carbopol tends to form agglomerates which are not readily dispersed. Some powders have poor flow properties, making controlled powder addition difficult. While some grades display no significant increase in viscosity until neutralized, others start to thicken immediately, making addition of powder increasingly difficult.

Aeration can create a persistent foam which may require chemical additives to disperse. Entrained air is very difficult to remove, clouding clear gels and causing problems where packaging is filled by volume rather than weight. Potential full yield is difficult to obtain with conventional agitation; many formulations contain unnecessarily high levels of Carbopol to compensate for this.

Prolonged exposure to intense high shear can damage the polymer, reducing viscosity. The Solution These problems can be overcome using a Silverson mixer to disperse the Carbopol. Dispersion Dispersion is completed in a fraction of the time taken by conventional means, avoiding the risk of overshearing the polymer. Neutralization In certain circumstances Silverson mixers can be used for the neutralization stage, depending on percentage and grade of Carbopol.In researching how to make our own homemade disinfecting hand sanitizer, we came across a lot of different recipes with varying amounts of ingredients but with little if any explanation on why certain ingredients were used.

Most used isopropyl alcohol rubbing alcoholaloe vera gel, and some essential oils for fragrance. Some even claimed that essential oils prevented viruses; however, all the warning letters sent to essential oil retailers would mean the FDA does not agree. They might smell great, but would they be effective sanitizers against bacteria and viruses? One additional criteria was whether it would be cost effective and practical to make our own?

And if you want it to also moisturize your skin, you only need 1. A recipe with ingredients needed for a gel is further down the page. Use the rubbing alcohol-to-water ratio depending on the strength of isopropyl alcohol you have available. Add 2 teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide to 1 cup of cooled, boiled water. You can also add aloe vera or glycerin to this mixture as a moisturizer, but you will need to reduce the amount of water by the amount of aloe vera or glycerin that is added.

If you add a teaspoon of aloe vera, subtract a teaspoon of water. You might be able to find some travel-sized fine mist spray bottles at the dollar store. Read more if you want to know why we skipped the aloe vera and why we went with a spray liquid instead of a gel. However, a recipe for a gel is available below. So, exactly what ingredients and in what amounts would be needed to make a DIY hand sanitizer that actually sanitizes?

Higher ratios of alcohol are actually less potent. Aloe vera is not used to thicken or make the solution gel. At this point we know we need the right ratio of rubbing alcohol to water for it to be an effective sanitizer.

Making a Clear Gel with Carbomer

We know that ingredients are typically listed by volume, meaning that ingredients are listed based on ingredients used higher quantities first, to those used in lesser quantities. So everything after water is primarily there to bind, thicken and stabilize the ingredients, and provide some moisturizing effect.

Trolamine is typically used at a ratio of no more tha 2.

DIY Homemade Disinfecting Hand Sanitizer Gel Recipe

So that would mean. This would mean that all the remaining ingredients represent decreasing percentages. Aloe vera, at best, is probably. In commercial hand sanitizers, they use thickeners not aloe vera to get that gel-like consistency link. Carbomer Homopolymer Type C is a common thickener for cosmetics and can increase in volume up to times to form thick solutions link.

Carbomer can be purchased online as a cosmetic thickener, but it is a bit pricey and needs to be neutralized in order to gel properly.

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It is used at a ratio of 0. A few other sites mentioned used Xanthan Gum linkGuar, or Pectin as a thickener. However, Pectin can harden and not sure how well all of them stabilize the ingredients. Xanthan Gum is typically used at a ratio similar to Carbomer of between 0. We tested Xanthan Gum and the results are available below. All this information leaves us with knowing we need enough alcohol to keep disinfectant properties, enough water to increase the effectiveness, and something to thicken everything up.

View this YouTube tutorial if you would like to see a great comparison of various thickeners. So you would see a benefit to your investment after the second or third batch. However, you would still not have a guaranteed consistency of product. Thoroughly combine the water and thickener until completely dissolved. Blend in rubbing alcohol and mix thoroughly.Last Updated: May 28, References Approved.

Erik Kramer is a Primary Care Physician at the University of Colorado, specializing in internal medicine, diabetes, and weight management. He received his Doctorate in Osteopathic Medicine D. There are 15 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewedtimes. Not only is making gel alcohol hand sanitizer at home an excellent project for both children and adults, but you'll also save money and end up with a great product that keeps you and your family safe from germs.

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Small bottles make great gifts! Jonathan Tavarez. Expert Trick: If you don't have a funnel, pour the sanitizer into a plastic sandwich bag, then snip off the corner of the bag with scissors. That way, you can easily pour the sanitizer into the bottle without making a mess.

Carbomer 2020 for hand gel sanitizer

Our Expert Agrees: According to the CDC, the proper way to sanitize your hands is to apply enough sanitizer to cover the whole surface of your hands. Then, rub your hands together until they're completely dry.

However, you should only use sanitizer if you're unable to wash your hands, and refrain from using it if your hands are greasy or visibly dirty. To make your own gel alcohol hand sanitizer, all you need are rubbing alcohol and plain aloe vera gel. Then, use a funnel to pour your hand sanitizer into a bottle. To use your hand sanitizer, pour some into the palm of your hand and rub the hand sanitizer all over your hands until your hands are dry.

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carbomer alcohol gel

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